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Proprietary Valuation and Vendor Management System

The Capital Loan Solutions™™ appraisal order management platform and vendor management system are proprietary web-based software solutions that enable us to anticipate future industry changes and adopt systems and capabilities to effectively manage AMC business processes. Recent technology improvements include enhanced auto assignment technology to ensure the most appropriate appraiser or real estate agent receives each assignment, and the Capital Loan Solutions™ Intel-Assign protocol to ensure collateral property valuation services are assigned to the most qualified certified valuation specialist.

Client Appraisal Portal and Direct Client Integration

The Capital Loan Solutions™ secure client portal allows for easy order submission, status updates, product retrieval, correspondent lender support and credit card payment directly through the Capital Loan Solutions™ website. For users operating on third-party lending platforms, the Capital Loan Solutions™ integration framework enables a user’s technology to seamlessly connect with the Capital Loan Solutions™ proprietary appraisal order management platform. This optimizes and accelerates the valuation ordering process for the user without having to employ multiple systems.